Gnana Saraswathi Foundation is a NGO working for those needy rural school students to uplift their education situation by providing proper guidance and support in all possible means. Foundation is platform for poor talented rural school students who don’t have basic amenities for their regular studies.
The Foundation wants to revitalize the village life on the lines of our ancient village communities with temple and schools at the centre. We are striving to link the eminently successful individuals from the village to participate in the process in their respective villages, thereby bringing the much-needed social capital minus the profit motive. We are motivated in the task of village level reforms with Temple and Schools as the nerve centres. With temple in the picture, the much needed moral oversight is sought to be bought in apart from increasing the role of temple from a mere place of worship to a centre of man making and a vibrant village. We firmly believe that a developed Bharat is not feasible without people's participation. It is certainly not possible by only a profit motivated enterprise. Hence this small step.