1) A talented student should not lose his talent simply because of financial poverty.

2) The objective of Sadhana Kuteer is to support such Students.

3) "Let us identify the talent and support them" - With this objective the inherent talent of Rural Students studying in Government Schools are selected and nurtured.

4) GSF organizes Venues for All Round Development of Student Community. Nevertheless they have excellent inborn talent and ingenious skills, which mostly are unrecognized and untapped, leave alone nourishing the skills and talents, due to lack of encouragement and support.

5) If these young souls are encouraged and empowered at an early age, to maximum possible extent, they not only can create wonders but they
certainly can be a driving force in the all-round development of our country.

6) Sadhana Kuteer is planning to concentrate on three areas.



7) SAC-Sports, Academics and Cultural aspects.                                                                                                                                                                           

8) Every year 300 students will be selected and trained in each aspect.


9) Students‟ below grade 10 are eligible.

10) GSF will be conducting Sadhana camps throughout the year so that the students whose talents have been identified during the competition phase will get enough attention to improve those skills.

11) The camps will be conducted at regular intervals with experts from various fields.


12) Initially the venue was arranged for the Camps.

13) Later SADHANA KUTEER...5 acres land was provided by Vinobha Development Society, Vinobha nagar, Ibrahimpatan, Ranga Reddy