Main objective is equipping the villages with good educational resources. This year we are planning to start a program called Bala Sahiti Kendra (libraries for school children of age 3 – 14 years). A good book always keeps one’s mind with enriched thoughts and motivates to achieve their goal. To instill those great cultural, patriotic values in school children will make them great citizen.


Establishing libraries in villages with good books on autobiographies of great leaders, freedom fighters, Traditional values, literature etc.
Two libraries were setup in Yacharam Mandal under the supervision of the foundation with the help of
BE educated movement Inc. USA,

* Library is being governed by a three member regulatory committee, librarian and the coordinator.
* Text book material and entrance examination preparation materials are available which will be helpful for the students.
* Books are issued only to the students who are members of the library.
* A facility of issuing books for 4 hours a day and at least 3 days in a week is provided
* Presently the libraries were setup in Nandivanaparthi and Mall villages of Yacharam Mandal.
* Depending on the opportunities, foundation is planning to extend the library facilities.