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Children from the under privileged families (economically backward), who live on daily wages are only studying in Govt. schools. They indeed have good skills and enough talent. However, their development is concealed just because of lack of encouragement.

If we can empower them to some extent, certainly they can be part of this country’s development. Also they will ignite many souls like them. The minor uplift we provide to them will bring colors to their lives. A small ray of hope will help to develop in their educational life as well as personal life which, in turn leads to country’s development. If this small act gives us pleasure, it is really precious, unforgettable and speech less.

Please make yourself involved in this great act of shaping the future of these school children to the future leaders. Come together and join hands to shape the new generation.

Donations may kindly be sent by cheque / demand draft in favour of Gnana Saraswathi Foundation.

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