Gnana Saraswathi Foundation (GSF), is a team of like-minded and highly motivated individuals presently engaged in the task of village level reforms with Village as the nerve centre and schools as focus areas. As part of this mission, we have been conducting several programs for the Government School students for the past 8 years.

The Foundation wants to revitalize the village life on the lines of our ancient village communities with schools at the centre. We are striving to link the eminently successful individuals from the village to participate in the process in their respective villages, thereby bringing the much-needed social capital minus the profit motive. We are motivated in the task of village level reforms with Schools as the nerve centres. We firmly believe that a developed Bharat is not feasible without people's participation. It is certainly not possible by only a profit motivated enterprise. Hence this small step.

Children from the underprivileged families are only studying in govt. schools so the foundation is primarily focusing on govt. schools. Since 2008, a foundation working with Govt. schools across the Telangana districts. There are many poor talented students from govt. schools who are not able to afford basic educational needs are concealed just because of lack of encouragement. We the foundation have a clear vision to identify such talent and encourage them at school levels to push their career further. We strongly believe that education only means to get the reforms in these people lives.

We also want to further this experiment in other areas of the village life, step by step. The challenge on hand is overwhelming and cannot be handled all at the same time. But we are of the firm opinion that the field cannot be left unchallenged to profiteers, overburdened government and vested interests.