Government schools Annual day celebrations

The foundation believes that there is no substitute to ‘catch them young’ in order to impart discipline, hard working nature and morality among the citizens. In pursuit of this the foundation has decided to conduct few programs for children to motivate them to be better citizens In pursuit of the above objective, the foundation celebrates the government school annual celebrations as a village festival involving the old students, youth associations, highly educated people, head of the villages and parents of the students.


* Suggestions are taken from every one, with an aim to involve the whole village in the program.
* Alumni of the school is co opted in the process to motivate the present generation by the example of successful students in high positions.
* Alumni is also sought to be motivated to work for the school.
* To encourage the student talents various events were conducted & prizes are conducted.
* Cultural activities were held to improve the patriotism and social awareness among the students.
* Students were motivated to work for welfare of the village & society.
* Progress report from the teachers regarding the goals the events is prepared.
* Inspiring the students to set a goal & to achieve it.
* Emphasizing the importance of collective effort of all the villagers to support the school.
* Making the school as the centre for the enlightenment of the villagers.