Patriotic songs competitions

Many freedom fighters struggled vigorously over hundreds of years with an ardent desire to break free from the bondages of slavery. They sacrificed everything for winning the freedom without caring for their life.

In order to instill patriotism in the upcoming generations, the same selfless values, GSF planned to conduct several programs that stimulate patriotic feelings and inculcate these values. The first of such kind of programs is Spoorthy – patriotic songs competition for the school students, which is started in the year 2008 in 1 Mandal and conducted every year. Now for 2013 it’s extended to 15 Mandals of 140 schools.

Year after year, Spoorthy conducted successfully with participation from many schools from Ranga Reddy dist. The program is designed in such a way that, initially we from foundation provide songs cd’s & books for their practice and call the top teams from every school. There is group competition as well as solo round. Top 5 teams from each event will be awarded with prizes. At the end of each program entire participants and students are taken oath that every individual will work in the same way as the foundation is working “in order to fulfill the great dream of our freedom fighters to make our country as a strong nation”.